Forensic Sciences Department

About This Department

Welcome to the Forensic Science Department at Ahman Pategi University, an institution committed to exploring and applying scientific methodologies in crime investigation, legal processes, and the workings of justice systems. Within our department, we take pride in presenting the prestigious BSc Forensic Science programme, designed to ready students for a fulfilling career in this diverse and multidisciplinary domain

1. BSc in Forensic Science: The BSc Forensic Science programme is carefully structured to train the students with an in-depth knowledge of forensic techniques, investigating crime scenes, analyzing evidence, and the legal foundation that supports the field of forensic science. Throughout the program, students have the opportunity to delve into specific fields such as forensic biology, forensic chemistry, digital forensics, forensic pathology, and criminalistics.

At the Department of Forensic Science, Ahman Pategi University, we are committed to fostering a strong foundation of scientific knowledge, practical skills, ethical values, and critical thinking essential for success in the intriguing field of forensic science. Let us serve justice and make a meaningful impact in society through the application of forensic techniques and expertise.

The BSc Plant Science & Biotechnology programme goes beyond traditional botany by integrating biotechnological principles. The curriculum encompasses plant genetics, molecular biology, and the application of biotechnology for enhancing crops and promoting sustainable agriculture. This offers an extensive grasp of plant sciences coupled with the latest advancements in biotechnology

Alumni from the B.Sc. Microbiology programme encounter varied career pathways across pharmaceuticals, healthcare, environmental sciences, food and beverage industries, research and development, as well as public health sectors. They can assume roles as microbiologists, research assistants, quality control analysts, or opt for further specialized studies in the realm of microbiology

The Department of Biological Sciences facilitates hands-on learning through well-equipped laboratories and practical sessions. Students have opportunities for internships, research projects, and collaborations with industry partners, providing real-world experience in both plant science and microbiology.

Yes, the department encourages undergraduate research projects and provides mentorship for students interested in conducting research. Students can collaborate with faculty on ongoing research or initiate their projects, contributing to scientific discovery and innovation.

Absolutely. Upon graduation, individuals have the opportunity to pursue advanced degrees like master's or doctoral programmes specializing in areas such as plant science, biotechnology, microbiology, genetics, or related fields.

The department regularly updates its curriculum to incorporate the latest developments and advancements in plant science, biotechnology, and microbiology. Faculty members actively engage in research and professional development activities, ensuring students receive education aligned with current industry trends.

The department extends support through academic guidance, career consultancy, access to abundant research materials and libraries, as well as involvement opportunities in student organizations associated with biological sciences.

Our department stands out by integrating hands-on learning, research prospects, interdisciplinary methodologies, and a devoted faculty dedicated to fostering the academic development and scientific curiosity of our students. Prioritizing practical experience and leading-edge knowledge prepares our graduates for varied and fulfilling careers in the expansive realm of biological sciences.