Accounting Department

About This Department

Welcome to the Department of Accounting at Ahman Pategi University, a center fostering academic brilliance and career growth in finance, business, and commerce. Our department upholds a steadfast dedication to delivering inclusive and pioneering education, empowering students with the requisite knowledge, expertise, and ethical principles crucial for triumph in the constantly changing realm of accounting.

1. BSc in Accounting: This programme offers a robust foundation in accounting principles, financial reporting, auditing, and management accounting. Students delve into the intricacies of financial analysis, budgeting, and the utilization of accounting information systems. They gain a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical underpinnings and practical applications of accounting principles essential for various industries and sectors.

2. BSc in Taxation: Focused on the perplexed realm of taxation, this programme delves deeply into tax law, policy, and practice. Students explore taxation principles, learn to navigate complex tax codes, and gain hands-on experience in tax planning, compliance, and advisory services. Graduates are equipped to handle the complexities of local and international taxation systems, ensuring compliance while optimizing tax strategies for businesses and individuals.

3. BSc in Entrepreneurship: Crafted for individuals driven by a fervor for innovation and the establishment of businesses, this curriculum seamlessly merges accounting fundamentals with entrepreneurial expertise. Participants acquire the ability to recognize market prospects, construct robust business strategies, proficiently handle financial aspects, and adeptly maneuver through the complexities of initiating and perpetuating a thriving enterprise. The curriculum emphasizes creativity, leadership, and strategic thinking essential for aspiring entrepreneurs in today's competitive landscape.

The Accounting Department at Ahman Pategi University is committed to cultivating prospective accounting experts who demonstrate proficiency in their discipline and embody the essential attributes of integrity, adaptability, and innovation essential for thriving in a rapidly evolving global economy. We warmly welcome you to partake in this educational transformation and become an integral member of our community devoted to advancing the standards of accounting education and practical application.

The BSc in Accounting programme at Ahman Pategi University stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum covering financial reporting, auditing, taxation, and management accounting. Students gain practical skills through hands-on projects and internships, preparing them for various accounting roles across industries.

Graduates emerging from the BSc in Taxation programme encounter a broad spectrum of career prospects. These opportunities encompass positions as tax consultants, analysts, tax examiners, or positions within the tax divisions of corporations, government entities, or accounting firms. The programme empowers students with comprehensive insights into tax legislation and methodologies, positioning them for specialized roles focusing on tax strategy and adherence.

The BSc in Entrepreneurship programme incorporates accounting fundamentals to provide students with a strong financial understanding crucial for business success. Students learn to analyze financial statements, create budgets, and comprehend the financial aspects of launching and managing a business.

Yes, the Department of Accounting facilitates internships and practical experiences for students across all programmes.

We provide an array of assistance services encompassing academic guidance, professional career counseling, tutoring facilities, and access to extensive resources.

While it is possible to switch programmes within the Department of Accounting, it is subject to meeting specific requirements and considerations. Students interested in switching programmes should consult with academic advisors to explore the process and implications.

The department encourages and supports student involvement in research activities. Students have the opportunity to engage in research projects, work with faculty on research initiatives, and participate in conferences or presentations related to accounting and entrepreneurship.

The syllabus undergoes frequent updates to encompass the most recent industry trends, technological progressions, and alterations in accounting protocols.

Our department prides itself on a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, fostering a holistic learning environment that emphasizes not only academic excellence but also the development of critical skills essential for success in accounting and entrepreneurship.