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VC’S NEW YEAR MESSAGE: DO THE RIGHT THING - As the year 2022 begins, it is auspicious for us as a university to thank the Almighty God for making the dream of the University a reality…, VC WELCOMES THE STUDENTS TO RAIN - I am delighted to welcome you to the Rain Semester of the 2021/2022 academic session of our fledgling University…, FULL TEXT OF VICE CHANCELLOR'S SPEECH AT WORLD PEACE DAY 2022 - Today (i.e. September 21), various governments, institutions, organisations and people across all countries will mark the International Day of Peace. In our world ravaged by war and enmeshed by conflict, at least devoting a day to promote and project..., VC’S 2023 NEW YEAR MESSAGE - Like a November wind, the year 2022 has howled away giving way to the breeze of a new dawn and a new year…
To advance human development, especially agriculture, through world-class education and propel knowledge by brokering new trends and empowering connections.
To provide high quality education using the latest technology, promote relevant research activities and utilise their findings to impact the community.


It is my immense pleasure and profound delight to welcome you to Ahman Pategi University (APU), the apple of God's eye. Every student is heartily welcome to the membership of our lofty dream, the dream to conquer tomorrow through the power of quality education.

To wit, Ahman Pategi University is committed to changing lives by providing all-round education that makes a person complete. This education chiefly comprises training the head, developing the heart and equipping the hands with skills.

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Explore limitless opportunities at our university, boasting a diverse array of degree programmes spanning humanities, management, and cutting-edge sciences, including computing. Unleash your potential and pave the way for a dynamic future with us.
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International Publications

Nanomaterials as catalysts for CO2 transformation
into value-added products: A review

Recent advances in nanoemulsion for sustainable
development of farm-to-fork systems

Microporous metal-organic frameworks based
on deep eutectic solvents for adsorption of
toxic gases and volatile organic compounds: A review

Compressed Hydrogen-Induced Synthesis of Quaternary
Trimethyl Chitosan-Silver Nanoparticles with Dual
Antibacterial and Antifungal Activities

Step-scheme photocatalysts: Promising hybrid
nanomaterials for optimum conversion of CO2

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Students from Ahman Pategi University participating in a
quiz competition held at the University of Ilorin

Dr. Ali Yakubu, an industrial chemistry lecturer at
Ahman Pategi University, participating in a conference
alongside a team of researchers in France

Dr. Sheriff from the Economics department and Mr. Abdulwahab
from Entrepreneurship, joined by students from
Ahman Pategi University, at the Regional Investor
Awareness Conference held at the University of Ilorin